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To help my clients create true balance in their lives, I work with different therapies to help unlock stress, re programme negative thinking and set new goals for the future. This connective approach has allowed me to build up a private practice covering a large area of Mid Wales and reach areas of Abergavenny and beyond.

My work has been recognised and welcomed by many individuals, The NHS, GP surgeries and many outside agencies including the Priory Hospital Group, Meninjitis Now, Social Services, Victim Support, The Samaritans & Occupational Therapy caseworkers.

Although the link between our body and mind is better understood today, I first started looking at alternative therapies over fifteen years ago and found that it was a combination of mind and body techniques that allowed me to manage my own challenges with anxiety. 

Having experienced the power of holistic therapy, I followed my passion into academia and studied anatomy & physiology, body work therapies and then went on to train as a counsellor and grew in confidence and expertise as I went on my journey of self discovery and improvement.

I am happy to help clients with the use of either mind or body techniques. Please visit the Bookings page for pricing and availability.

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