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Why Mental Health isn’t just a State of Mind

There are times when mental health problems can make getting out of bed a challenge. We know that there are times speaking to people or even being in the same room as people can seem like a huge challenge - and when you really don’t want to get out from under your duvet, even for a pee, the idea of going for a massage, for reflexology or even somewhere to meditate feels almost laughable.

However, Mental Health problems are rarely just a state of mind and when you are feeling off balance, asking your brain to do all the work for you really is quite a tall order and at Connect to Health, we offer all clients the opportunity to improve the state of the body and mind so that they can best achieve a life in balance and alleviate any mental health problems they might be facing.

You see, when people visit us for therapeutic counselling, we hear their challenges, their pain and often, their exhaustion. We can see these things too, in their faces, in their posture and their body language but probably most importantly for us, we can feel it - and even if you sound well and look well, you could well be hiding problems that we are able to find during treatments like massage and reflexology.

You see, your body can hold stress and tension that your brain isn’t even consciously aware of and if, like many of us, there are times you feel heavy or exhausted or unable to concentrate but really don’t know why, it is likely your body are hiding things we, as body therapists can feel but not hear.

When managing any mental health problem - whether it’s work related stress, anxiety, depression or any other disorder or difficulty, if you really want to understand your mental health, it is absolutely essential for you to look further than your mind. Our clients work with us not only to unlock their unwanted thoughts, reprogramme negative thinking and create positive change but also to ensure we can feel, find and release the difficulties they are holding and hiding in their bodies.

In our years of practice, we have found that by connecting our clients to their mind and body, we are able to create long lasting recoveries, help more people reach their goals and help everyone develop a life in balance.

If you would like to make an appointment for either counselling, body therapies or both, please do get in touch with us at

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