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The connection making wifi second best.

If you are anything like me, you will struggle to go more than a few hours without checking your emails, the latest gossip on facebook and the newest interactions on twitter. Instagram is probably the closest you will ever get to a photo album and a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel that doesn’t have decent wifi connection feels just a big of a drag.

We are literally connected to our internet connection. More and more of us carry our laptops with us, always have our phones in our hands and don’t even sleep without the odd check online.

It is undeniable that our great big rush to connectivity has created immeasurable change in our lives. The us of 20 years ago would think the way we live our lives today is something that would only ever be possible in the movies and the benefits technology have delivered to us are wide reaching and undeniable.

However, our internet obsession is also responsible for a rise in a variety of health problems and can be blamed for us losing arguably our most important connect, which of course, is the one with ourselves.

As we have become more and more concerned with the lives of others, with the images of people we barely know and the comments of people we are never likely to meet, we have totally lost our understanding of self.

We have replaced our time for relaxation, for self discovery, for creative therapy, for us with noise. We have replaced the time in which we would enjoy our relationships, expand our brains or really enjoy the company of others with noise and slowly but surely that noise is making us increasingly stressed, increasingly anxious and both unhappy and unfulfilled.

We love technology, wifi and a good facebook stalk but in order to keep our lives balanced and our mind and body well, we must make time to disconnect from the wifi and reconnect with ourselves. Whether it is by simply turning off your tech, finding your creative flair with an adult colouring book or coming to see us for a mind or body therapy session, remember that the connection to yourself should always come first - and the connection to the cloud can come later.

If you need to switch off and disconnect, please do come and see us.

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